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Forster Car Yards and Wreckers is a locally operated business servicing the Great Lakes area for over a year. Forster Car Yards offers a wide range of car removal services to best suit your needs, and our service is available 24/7 in the region. We can help you get rid of your used vehicle and get paid for it. Our car yards work simply and pay a high price for old, used, and junk automobiles in the region, with free car removal service. Please contact us or fill out the quote form if you have any questions. We will offer you the best possible price for your automobile. If you accept our offer, we will come to your location and tow your vehicle at no cost.

Begin by requesting a quotation online or by contacting our toll-free number at 0470 576 781. You will be given a no-obligation offer for your vehicle that you can accept or decline at any moment. If you accept our offer, we will collect your vehicle for free from any location in Forster, NSW, and tow it away for recycling or resale. If you wish to sell us your automobile but it no longer runs, we'll tow it away for free!

We're going to purchase:

Accident, Commercial, Damaged, Scrap, Unwanted, Used and Wrecked cars.

Services Areas in Forster

We service the following areas:
Forster: Green Point, Coolongolook, Coomba Park.

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Cash for Cars Forster

Cash for cars Forster service industry pays for unwanted autos. Consider selling your used car to Car Removal Forster if you want to make some more money. used cars towing will come to your door at no cost. We will serve you well whether you have a used automobile, a damaged vehicle, or if you want to get any other vehicle out of your garage.
We've seen and purchased both new and old damaged autos. We pay cash for cars and will purchase your vehicle in any condition.

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Forster Car Yards Will Purchase Your Cars

Forster Car Yards is a full-service car dealership located in the heart of Forster. Our reputation has been built on offering high-quality service. Our commitment to customer service sets us apart from other dealerships.
If you're looking to sell a new or old vehicle, we've got you covered! All makes and models will be paid in cash and removed at no cost.
We also pay top dollar for junked and demolished vehicles. Because of our high-quality car-buying service at affordable costs and great customer service, we are optimistic that our loyal consumers will continue to support us.

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Forster's Cash for Cars: Remove Your Unwanted Vehicle for Quick Cash

Cash for cars Forster provides a convenient way to remove your unwanted vehicle from your property and turn it into quick cash. You can sell your car in just two hours! That's how fast we can make you money! If you're ready to get rid of that clunker taking up space in your driveway, give us a call or fill out our easy-to-use contact form to have an expert auto buyer assess the value of your vehicle.

If you're looking to sell your old car quickly and earn some extra cash, Forster can help. We buy vehicles of all makes and models—both running and not, and pay between $150 and $9000 on average. To get an idea of what we can pay for your vehicle, use our online vehicle valuations tool or give us a call. Our friendly staff will ask you a few questions about your car and then tell you how much we'll offer to pay. Once you accept our offer, we can come to pick up your vehicle at any time that works with your schedule. In most cases, once we receive payment from Forster Auto Parts, we'll transfer it directly into your bank account within 48 hours. It is that easy!

Get Rid of Your Old Vehicle in Under 24 Hours

Get rid of your unwanted vehicles today! There is no better way to get rid of your old vehicle than handing it over to a cash buyer who will give you an instant cheque. It doesn't matter if your car is damaged, too old or simply taking up space in your driveway; if you have a vehicle that you want to sell fast and are willing to part ways with it, we can help. A Forster representative will visit your home and remove your car in under 24 hours.

If you have a car, truck, van, or RV that has become a financial burden or needs to be scrapped because it no longer runs well or is no longer safe to drive (as in unsafe due to physical damage), we'll pay you cash today. We are only interested in the car, not its previous owner.
We're not concerned with who used to own your automobile or why you're getting rid of it. All we care about is making sure your car doesn't end up being sold to someone else and will be recycled. We want it if it can run, even if its parts are salvageable! The less metal is going into landfills, the better! When you contact us, we'll ask you some questions about your vehicle so we know what shape it's in and how much time we have to get there before it gets sold or towed away. That way, we can offer an amount based on those factors rather than paying more than necessary when dealing with vehicles from owners who don't think things through carefully enough before selling their cars.

The Process is Simple, Safe, and Secure

Just contact our experts with your vehicle details and schedule a pick-up. It is essential to have your title at hand when you call us. It's usually found in one of these locations: inside your glove compartment, on your dashboard, or under/behind your seat. When you schedule a pick-up, please provide an address where it is safe to park and remove any valuables from inside of it.

Our professionals will take care of everything else. Once we get your car, we appraise its condition and give you a quote based on market value. If you accept our offer, we'll pay cash directly into your bank account as soon as possible. In most cases, customers can expect to receive their money within 48 hours after accepting our offer! We buy all vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. We also buy cars that are damaged or broken down. You don't need to worry about getting rid of your junker; we handle all aspects of selling your vehicle! If you want more information about how much we can pay for your car, simply fill out our online form today!

Bring us any vehicle, anywhere in New South Wales

We'll pick up and pay you for your unwanted vehicle, regardless of its condition. Our services extend across the Forster, Taree, and Dungog areas of NSW and all other towns in Australia. Don't hesitate to give us a call. We make it our business to serve ours. If you are looking for top cash prices for cars anywhere in NSW, get in touch with us today! You can call us or send an email at [email protected]. Let us know what type of car or vehicle you have, and we will get back to you right away with our quote.

Why Choose Cash Over Scrap Metal?

Although selling your car to a scrap metal yard might sound like a good idea on paper, it's not nearly as lucrative. We're often able to pay up to three times more than what a scrap yard offers for your car because we're interested in vehicles that work, not ones that don't. Even if your automobile has been totaled in an accident or has mechanical issues and is no longer drivable, we can still take it off your hands. To learn more about how much cash you could get from Forster's Cash for Cars, call us at 0470 576 781. Our team will answer any questions you have about our process and help ensure that your unwanted automobile is removed quickly so you can move on with your life.

If you need to sell your car, truck, van, or SUV fast, call us at 0470 576 781. In most cases, you can expect to receive a payment within 24 hours of contacting us. We also offer convenient pick-up options, including towing your automobile away for free when we purchase it.